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2015-02-16 11_44_41-Releases · mickem_nscp

A new build of NSClient++ has been released. It is mainly a bug fixes release and fixes most known issues which has surfaced in the last few weeks. For those who do not know we have switched to using github for tickets which has been a huge success. I will be deprecating sourceforge hence forth […]

Another week another release

Last week’s buzz was all about the new 0.4.3 and this week we will spread the buzz to include the slightly older 0.4.2 as well. The hightlights from 0.4.3 is bug fixes and some security enhancements. On popular request you can now disable sslv2 and sslv3 so you can make your security scanners happy. This is […]

0.4.3 Released (a few weeks ago)


Yaaay!!! After months of delays 0.4.3 was officially out during xmas. I always release tings silently so early adopters can report back issues and bugs before everyone installs things. So without further ado NSClient++ 0.4.3 (service release 2) is officially launched today! This release fixes some issues as well as contains updated documentation with a nifty whats […]

Support NSClient++
NSClient++ is financed entirely by donations
NSClient++ is a free (as in both beer and speech) program which is NOT supported by any commercial entities so contributions are appreciated in all forms be it answering questions in the forum, writing documentation or guides, correcting typos, contributing examples use cases, come with ideas, PayPal donations, buy support or sponsor!
You can of course also help out in the form of actual coding just head over to the building page and check how to get started.