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Some French love from merethis/centreon

Hello. Merethis, the company behind Centreon, is a sponsor of NSClient++ and yesterday they blogged about sponsoring NSClient++ whilst giving a quick introduction to NSClient++. Since I recently have some french questions coming I thought this would be an excellent time to provide some information about NSClient++ in the French language. To be frank the […]


Open Source System Management Conference 2014

Open Source System Managament Confernce 2013

I will be speaking at the Open Source System Management Conference  in Bolzano this year which is held at Sheraton on April 10. My presentation will be about: “Why we do monitoring Wrong!” which is something I am rather passionate about and I will hopefully inspire some of you to drastically change how you do […]

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New Website, new version, new…


Greetings all! New big tidings. Not just the long overdue release of 0.4.2 but also a brand new web site. I have been planning a new website for some time but haven’t gotten around to it until now. Hopefully the new site will be a bit simpler to navigate and more importantly simpler for me […]


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NSClient++ is financed entirely by donations
NSClient++ is a free (as in both beer and speech) program which is NOT supported by any commercial entities so contributions are appreciated in all forms be it answering questions in the forum, writing documentation or guides, correcting typos, contributing examples use cases, come with ideas, PayPal donations, buy support or sponsor!
You can of course also help out in the form of actual coding just head over to the building page and check how to get started.