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0.4.3 release candidate 2

Greetings yandex search bot! A new week a new RC. Last week I release RC1 which included the first ever Linux package. This week I will spend some time on the windows side, I will hence forth almost always release everything side-by side so whenever there is a new windows build there will be new […]

Linux love: RPM packages for centos 7.0

Yaaay! After weeks and weeks and possibly weeks. The very first Linux packages are available. Consider this very very experimental. To install it you grab the package and do the regular: sudo yum install nscp-4.3.60-x86_64.rpm After this (since it is systemd) you can reload and start it like so: sudo systemctl start nscp.service To make […]

0.4.3 beta 1 (build 40)


Greeting CloudFlare proxy! Finally after weeks of dreadful boring but time consuming build issues 0.4.3 beta 1 is here! 0.4.3 will probably be the biggest update from a usability improvement perspective ever (but I always say that). The idea was that 0.4.3 would be a minor update, and in many ways it is, but I […]

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NSClient++ is a free (as in both beer and speech) program which is NOT supported by any commercial entities so contributions are appreciated in all forms be it answering questions in the forum, writing documentation or guides, correcting typos, contributing examples use cases, come with ideas, PayPal donations, buy support or sponsor!
You can of course also help out in the form of actual coding just head over to the building page and check how to get started.