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News and updates from NSClient++…

Memory consumption halved!


One of the major new but non-essential features of 0.4.3 is that it supports dynamic linkage. This means that for the first time the NSClient++ download size will decrease instead of increase. This might not seem like a killer feature and in truth it probably is not. But going forwards with NSClient++ it will become ever more […]

Summer is over and my first NSClient++ training!


Hello everyone. An amazing summer is over! Just thought I’d let you all know that vacation is over and I will slowly crawl out of the hole I have been hiding in and start working again… I have thus far responded to about half of the emails and will cover the other half over the […]

Website updates


TO make life simpler, nicer and prettier I have moved some of the old trac feature over to the wordpress site as well as starting to cleanup the old trac site. Going forwards the trac site will be explicitly about development and thus tickets and source code will be the primary focus. So hopefully you […]

Support NSClient++
NSClient++ is financed entirely by donations
NSClient++ is a free (as in both beer and speech) program which is NOT supported by any commercial entities so contributions are appreciated in all forms be it answering questions in the forum, writing documentation or guides, correcting typos, contributing examples use cases, come with ideas, PayPal donations, buy support or sponsor!
You can of course also help out in the form of actual coding just head over to the building page and check how to get started.