New build of 0.5.2 fixes some minor issues and fixes some linux build issues on debian! Also adds experimental debian packages.


  • Fixed debian builds
  • NSCA Client: Fixed #511 nsca status can be set with a number from command line
  • filters: show-all will not change if the list ...

0.5.2 Released

Posted by mickem at 2018-01-18

The official release of NSClient++ 0.5.2!

What's New in NSClient++ 0.5.2


  • Brand new REST API
  • Much improved documentation
  • ZIP-Modules
  • Op5Client

In addition to the above we have the usual slew of bug fixes and minor enhancements. One important change is that the code base ...

The first release candidate of 0.5.2 is out!


  • Brand new REST API
  • Much improved documentation
  • ZIP-Modules

In addition to the above we have the usual slew of bug fixes and minor enhancements. One important change is that the code base have been re-factored in many places meaning ...



Posted by mickem at 2017-10-16

There a number of 0.5.2 builds out and if you are wondering whats new the main changes are a brand new REST api. We have also been working hard on improving the documentation so please do checks that out. And even though the new ...


0.5.1 released!

Posted by mickem at 2017-08-30

After a way to long 0.5.1 is finally out! This new release features some important changes as well as the usual phelora of bugfixes.

How to Upgrade

This is a drop-in replacement so most people will not notice an in-place upgrade. If you have an automated installer hopefully ...

Last RC for 0.5.1 the release one will be out in a few days... So last last last chanse to repoort issues.

A few bugs have been fixed in the release for details check the change log.

How to Upgrade (from 0.5.0)

This is a drop-in ...

NSClient++ 0.5.1 is getting ready for release. Today we get the first release candidate so please do let us know any issues and as soon as bug reports slow down we will release the official version!

NSClient++ 0.5.1 is a minor update in terms of new ...

This fixes a few minor bugs so it is arecomended upgrade but please do be aware that it is considerd "pre-release" for a week or so so I can get some feedback on it.

Bugs fixed in this build:

  • CheckLogFile: Fixed crash when tracelogging realtime monitoring
  • Installer: Fixed op5 scripts ...

0.5.0 Released

Posted by mickem at 2016-09-11

Finally after 62 builds we have reach the next milestone in the NSClient++ saga. While there are some breaking changes in general it should be a smooth upgrade for most people. And as 0.5.0 has been out in beta for several months I hope it wont have to ...

A minor update where the tools for building NSCLient++ have been retarted to work with Windows XP- I have updated the zip file to contain the vcruntime dlls as well so it sshould work nbetter now.

Full changelog:

2015-12-09 Michael Medin
 * Fixed XP support
 * Fixed missing redist DLLs in zip ...

The next, not to major, milestone in NSClient++ history is written today when I change the status of the latest 0.4.4 to stable. This version is a minor update which brings a new installer as well as some minor enhancements an fixes. This is in essence a continuation ...

Some great news well overdue. While I have been working dilligently on both 0.5.0 (which was previously called 0.4.4) I have also been working together with to create a brand new installer for NSClient++. This new instakller is now avalible in 0.4 ...

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New website

Posted by mickem at 2015-10-13

I have created a new website which I think is btter, it is for sure a lot faster. It it still a bit of a work in progress so I need to convert some old blog posts. Clean up some parts as well as optimize things a bit.

As always ...

Seems the new fantastic forums are not so fantastic or maybe I was not so fantastic in setting them up. Seems the discourse update was botched which was solved with some manual bundle install

Long story short: they are up again.

Since I am behind a nasty firewall and don ...

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Site updates

Posted by mickem at 2015-04-28


I have done some site updates, this is a bit of a work in progress but hopefully things will become a bit simpler to use...

Currently I have migrated the forums to as well as closed down the "answers section" as it was kind of ...

Greetings bing search spider!

Since I have done some infrastructure changes (newer version of components) I figured I would do a release candidate for the next 0.4.3 update. Apart from infrastructure changes this also contains some bugfixes as well as new features.\ If no issues are reported in ...