Posted by mickem at 2017-10-16

There a number of 0.5.2 builds out and if you are wondering whats new the main changes are a brand new REST api. We have also been working hard on improving the documentation https://docs.nsclient.org so please do checks that out. And even though the new documentation is for version 0.5.2 many things are just as relevant for older version.

The new REST api is truly restful and not based on the protobuf API which means it is much easier to use.

There is plenty of material to get you started on the new REST API in the documentation here: https://docs.nsclient.org/api/rest/

As for the new documentation the main focus is on making the reference section both easier to read and understand but also make sure it is complete. So if you have an area your struggeling with or think could do with a rewrite please do let us know.