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      Why choose a open source network and server monitoring solution from op5? Because along with high quality products we offer simplicity, openness, flexibility, cost efficiency and accessibility. We have even made licensing and support easy and hassle free. This is what sets us apart from the competition. When you know where to dig, you’ll always find the best solution.

      Further information: and https://www.op5.com/explore-op5-monitor/features/server-monitoring/windows-monitoring/

      Download: https://www.op5.com/download/


      Würth Phoenix

      Würth Phoenix

      With NetEye Würth Phoenix offers an all-embracing Open Source monitoring solution for companies needing to control the growing complexity of their IT processes through limited budgets and lower personnel costs. NetEye is simple to implement and use and can also be smoothly integrated in demanding IT infrastructures.

      The core monitoring functionality of NetEye is based on Nagios. In the course of several years of product development, NetEye has expanded to include important functions such as Asset, Inventory, Capacity or Service Management according to international ITIL standards. On the functional side, additional open source applications such as Cacti, OTRS, GLPI, OCS or ntop have been fully integrated into NetEye.

      Why choosing WÜRTHPHOENIX NetEye NetEye is a fully Open source package to monitor complex IT-infrastructures NetEye is based on Nagios, an Open Source standard for the IT monitoring over 250.000 estimated worldwide users Würth Phoenix has 9 years of experience in implementing and integrating the system, including consulting and support services Würth Phoenix is the first and until now only Preferred Partner Nagios Enterprises in Italy Würth Phoenix runs a strategic development cooperation with ntop for the Network Traffic Monitoring Only within the last 12 months NetEye has been implemented at more than 100 European companies

      Further information: http://www.wuerth-phoenix.com/neteye

      Transitiv Technologies

      Transitiv Technologies

      Transitiv Technologies provide up to 24/7 business critical support for Open Source software. Specialising in Nagios and Icinga Network Monitoring and associated tools such as Cacti, Thruk, Merlin, Ninja and NagVis we are able to develop and support robust, tailor made Open Source monitoring solutions with a total cost of ownership approaching one quarter of that incurred with an ‘off the shelf’ proprietary network monitoring solution. Our Network Monitoring consultants are available to assist you with the development of your Nagios infrastructure from designing a distributed architecture, writing custom plugins, to integrating with other software and data sources. Our experience has shown that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” monitoring solution. Thanks to the flexibility and agility inherent in the use of Open Source software, a solution can be tailored to precisely meet the needs of your business. We also understand that requirements evolve over time, and our support contracts have been designed with this in mind.

      Further information: http://www.transitiv.co.uk/



      Further information: http://www.onestep2.at/



      OpCEM is a solution that allow you to create application robots to check your applications and antecipate problems. You can manage your customers experience performance and availability using OpCEM discovering errors and bad app behaviour in the exactly moment they occur. OpCEM is fully integrated with Nagios-like management platforms.

      Further information: http://www.opcemautomation.com/



      Centreon is an enterprise IT monitoring software and services company. Its software suite, CES, is an industry-standard open source solution for IT professionals who care about knowing the status and performance of their IT systems. It measures the availability and performance of different enterprise IT layers, from infrastructure and hardware resources up to applications and service delivery. Centreon's CES is a powerful tool for system administrators and monitoring service operators. Historically based on Nagios, it is a fully robust product featuring its own aggregation engine (Centreon Engine) and event broker (Centreon Broker), complete with a user-friendly administrative interface (Centreon Web Interface).

      The company has developed many more useful features such as new event consoles, capacity management, advanced reporting, complete SNMP trap integration, and mechanisms of access control lists (ACL) in order to share monitoring information to a large number of users/customers. Centreon’s modular architecture is open to integration with additional modules from either proprietary developers or the open source community, to provide on-demand key features. Notable examples include Centreon's business reporting tool, advanced topology studio and various APIs for automating Centreon’s configuration management. Centreon solutions rely on Apache, MySQL and PHP technologies for the presentation and historization of configuration or monitoring data. Centreon's software products are distributed and licenced under Apache Software Licensing.

      Further information: http://www.centreon.com/

      Silver Sponsors

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      TruePath Technologies Inc.

      TruePath Technologies Inc

      A leading edge IT software and services company that specializes in in-house services for new or existing IT monitoring software. They offer a suite of software and consulting services to help companies harness the potential of their networks and datacenters:

      Enterprise Principle Offering (EPO) Let TruePath Technologies configure and maintain your monitoring software – in your datacenter. Our industry leading service allows you to have the monitoring software configured the way your business needs it. Give your people the tools, charts and alerts they need.

      Enterprise Software Assessments How many software packages does your company currently have? More importantly, how many do you actually use? Most companies have a handful of monitoring packages scattered throughout the business. Overlaps, unused or not using them to their full potential is a waste of time and money. Let TruePath assess your monitoring landscape.

      Custom Consulting Services TruePath’s consulting services encompass the complete enterprise. Our skilled team of engineers will review, assess, identify issues and lead in the install and configuration changes within your landscape.

      MonTheMon(tm) TruePath offers a secure, dedicated cloud based service that “monitors your monitor” called MonTheMon(tm). Our service performs detailed checks of your monitoring server. Outages are sent via email using your server or outside SMTP as well (fully configurable).

      Further information: http://TruePathTechnologies.com/