I have fixed two issues in the 0.3.9 release and update the binaries. They are also on their way to sourceforge so soon you can download them from there as well. Changelog:

 2011-09-02 MickeM - 0.3.9 take 2 * Fixed issue with CheckFile and filtering on times and ...

0.3.9 Released!

Posted by mickem at 2011-07-05

Yaaay, just a quick heads up 0.3.9 is now released. Major focus has been on CheckDrive/CheckFile as well as Crash deection/handling Some of the major changes include

  • Improvments to the where filtering: case-insensetive regexp matching substring matching not like ** str(...)
  • Fixed NSCA issues
  • New commands CheckFiles ...

First RC of the up-coming 0.3.9 is out now! Main highlights are: * Overhauls of all disk related checks. * Introduce a brand new (CheckEventLog inspired) CheckFiles (notice the plural s) commands (CheckFile2 is now deprecated and CheckFile has been removed) * Volume support (for real this time) * A lot of ...