0.5.1 released!

Posted by mickem at 2017-08-30

After a way to long 0.5.1 is finally out! This new release features some important changes as well as the usual phelora of bugfixes.

How to Upgrade

This is a drop-in replacement so most people will not notice an in-place upgrade. If you have an automated installer hopefully ...

Last RC for 0.5.1 the release one will be out in a few days... So last last last chanse to repoort issues.

A few bugs have been fixed in the release for details check the change log.

How to Upgrade (from 0.5.0)

This is a drop-in ...

NSClient++ 0.5.1 is getting ready for release. Today we get the first release candidate so please do let us know any issues and as soon as bug reports slow down we will release the official version!

NSClient++ 0.5.1 is a minor update in terms of new ...