Merethis, the company behind Centreon, is a sponsor of NSClient++ and yesterday they blogged about sponsoring NSClient++ whilst giving a quick introduction to NSClient++. Since I recently have some french questions coming I thought this would be an excellent time to provide some information about NSClient++ in the French ...


Vacation mode!

Posted by mickem at 2010-07-13

Just a heads up: It is now 30+ degrees (centigrades) in Sweden so I am (and have been for the past week) in vacation mode which means I update things rather less frequently then i normally do. If something is urgent drop me an email at michael medin name (mention ...


Warsaw visit

Posted by mickem at 2010-01-31

Hello, I thought Id quickly post here that I will be in Warsaw (course about coherence) so probably wont be much updates this week. If anyone has any sightseeing ideas or wanna grab a beer or something like that drop me an email at michael at medin dot name. As ...